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Mayor Phil Goode Counters the Recall

Duly Elected for a Second Term to Keep Prescott Moving in the Right Direction


Phil Goode is Prescott's Mayor

Say NO to the Recall!


About Mayor Phil Goode

A Leader You Can Trust

Mayor Phil Goode is a decorated Vietnam Veteran with over 30 years of experience as a healthcare executive. He is committed to preserving the values and customs that make Prescott a desirable place to live. He is a constitutional conservative and possesses uncompromising integrity.

Mayor Phil Goode is dedicated to serving the community of Prescott. He is a trustworthy leader with a proven track record of success. His experience and values have made him the right choice for Mayor of Prescott.

The effort to recall Mayor Goode is misguided, uninformed, and based on falsehoods and hearsay.  Please support Mayor Goode and do NOT sign the recall petition that seeks to overturn the election results of just four months ago.

Mayor Goode Responds

"The citizens of Prescott overwhelmingly elected me as mayor in 2021. They re-elected me in 2023 to a second term, which tells me that they are confident in my ability as Mayor. This recall is a well-funded, strategic maneuver by a group of people determined to undermine the normal election process for their agenda. If successful in obtaining petition signatures, the citizens of Prescott will be facing a special election before the 2024 primaries that would incur significant additional taxpayer costs."



He promised.  He delivered.  He will continue moving forward.


  • Conservative Water Policy - Returned Prescott to a conservative water policy to slow down unrestricted growth and enable city services, especially public safety and infrastructure, to meet the demands rapid growth is imposing on our city.

  • Prioritize Public Safety - Provided police and fire new equipment, improved staffing, and raised salaries

  • Put Prescott First, Not Developers - Resisting developer demands for uncontrolled growth and the negative consequences that result.

  • Study and Fix Traffic Issues - Completed traffic study, continue to implement solutions to ease congestion.

  • Transparency – Every city council meeting offers a “call to the public” allowing comment on any non-agenda items. Regular in-depth study sessions on council days educate the public on city projects and services. Weekly Mayor video updates announce upcoming public meeting topics.

  • Protect Prescott Regional Airport (PRC) - Airport operations (including surrounding land) must be protected to secure FAA funding for runway extension, increased commercial passenger capacity, and support of economic growth. In addition, PRC is the primary United States Fire Service (USFS) wildfire-fighting airport, in all of Northern Arizona. USFS aircraft deliver fire retardant and extinguishing slurry material. Safe airport operations enable neighboring areas to retain property values..

  • Expand Veteran Outreach - Improve communications and services to veterans in the city’s neighborhoods including Walden Farms, Granite Dells Estates, and Deep Well Ranch.

  • Full Time Mayor – Spends 40 to 50 hours a week working for the city and the citizens of Prescott, both inside City Hall and out in the community.


"... breaches of the Prescott City Charter ..."

  • Claims are hearsay, not based on proven facts. Councilman Eric Moore’s formal complaint to the City Attorney has been investigated and found to be baseless - “The Mayor’s conduct… did not violate the City Charter.” (see City Press Release).

  • The recall challenger claims Mayor Goode violated the City Charter by asking the City Manager to resign.  Nothing in the City Charter forbids or restrains any member of Council including the Mayor from asking for the resignation of any appointed city official: the City Manager, the City Attorney, or City Clerk.  Officials in these positions serve at the pleasure of the Council.

"... lack of transparency ..."

  • City and state requirements dictate that City Council Executive Sessions are to be confidential. These sessions deal with personnel, contract negotiations, and legal issues.  Each City appointed official along with City Council members are involved in deciding when to schedule executive sessions. The Mayor alone does not make these decisions.

  • During Mayor Goode's first term, the City Council averaged 27 executive sessions per year. The previous Mayor averaged 24 executive sessions per year (source: Prescott City records).

  • Day one of Mayor Goode’s first term he established the “call to the public” at open City Council meetings, where any resident may speak on non-agenda topics. That’s transparency in action.

"... impending multimillion dollar lawsuits ..."

  • Ongoing negotiations with Deep Well Ranch and the AZ Eco Development to minimize financial impacts to the City are diligently being pursued.

  • No lawsuits have been filed against the City for Rodeo Expansion Funding. Note: A lawsuit filed by private citizens regarding Rodeo expansion funding does not involve the City of Prescott.

"... a hostile work environment ..."

  • There is no proof of any harassment or discrimination by the mayor against any City staff member or appointed official.

  • Based on Prescott City records, the 2022 employee turnover rate was 18.53%, and in 2023, 15.6%.  National statistics for 2021 western state and municipal governments showed an average turnover rate of 18%.

  • Much of the attrition in City staff can be traced to retirements, dismissals, and people accepting career advancement opportunities or higher paying jobs in other towns and cities.  This was particularly felt in the police department. In 2022, the City took action and provided a 5% pay raise to help solve pay disparities.

FACT: City staff report to the City Manager, who is therefore directly

responsible for employee morale and resolving employee issues.

"... malfeasance in office..."

  • The Arizona Attorney General has not notified the City that any specific charge or claim has been filed or is in review.

  • The City has initiated legal claims against companies responsible for water contamination, opioid distribution causing harm to our citizens, and inaccurate mapping information at our airport. Mayor Goode is looking out for you.

"... delay much needed city services and significantly raise our property taxes..."

  • Prescott is dealing with rapidly increasing growth, yet has access to limited property tax revenue. If you’ve lived in Yavapai County for any period of time, you know that the bulk of property tax revenue goes to the County. The City of Prescott is limited by state statute to increase property tax by $14 per $100k of assessed value. For a $400k home, that’s an increase of $56 per year. Nevertheless, the City is responsible for providing public safety services to our increasing population.

Please visit the "Latest News" page for additional in-depth commentary on the recall

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