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Report Recall Petition Fraud

BEWARE: Prescott mayoral recall petition masquerading as a “save the rodeo” petition.


If you are asked to sign a “save the rodeo” petition, be sure to read it first! A number of local Prescott residents have been approached and asked to sign a petition to save the rodeo, but when they read the actual document, it was a petition to recall Mayor Goode. They refused to sign. It is a class 1 misdemeanor for a circulator to misrepresent the subject matter of a petition.

ARS 19-116. Signing petitions; coercion; intimidation; false description; classification

B. A person who is a circulator of an initiative or referendum petition and who induces any other person in the circulator's presence to sign the initiative or referendum petition by knowingly misrepresenting the general subject matter of the measure is guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor.

If you have witnessed this occurring, please report it to the Arizona Attorney General.  Click the link on the left to go to the complaint form (scroll down the page to see the form).  Under the section labeled "My complaint alleges violations of election law related to:" select "Nominating Procedures/Petition Gathering" .  Also include a reference to the Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) above in your complaint.

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